Thursday, September 26, 2013

TCIA Member Alert: Crane Operators Beware - Chinese Polyester Slings

Crane Operators Beware:
Chinese Polyester Slings 

Excerpted with permission from "Crane Chronicles," a quarterly publication of TCIA Associate Member Cranes 101 (formerly Crane's Safety Specialists) in Bellingham, Mass.

A damaged polyester crane sling was discovered during a routine safety audit. The label indicated, "If red core yarns are visible remove the sling from service."  
Upon further inspection, the red core warning yarn was not present. Three similar slings were removed from service. None of these slings contained red core warning yarn as indicated on the labels.

United Rentals, a supplier of these slings, cut six polyester slings. All six slings were missing the red core warning yarn. United Rentals has removed this product from their inventory and will discontinue supplying slings from this particular manufacturer to its vendors.
Corrective Action: TCIA suggests closely inspecting and possibly removing from service any polyester slings manufactured in China from the source depicted in the photos below. 

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