Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Consulting Arborist Insurance through Towerstone

The annual ASCA Conference is coming up soon!
Boston, Massachusetts
November 30 – December 3

  • The ASCA Annual Conference is a national meeting that focuses exclusively on Consulting Arborists.
  • ASCA represents Consulting Arborists—the authoritative experts on trees, and whose objective, comprehensive viewpoint ensures the safety, health, and preservation of trees. Their members’ extensive level of knowledge and experience makes them highly sought after by consumers, professionals, and other arborists.
  • Did you know? Towerstone, a sister company of Eydent Insurance Services (provider of ArborMAX insurance), has coverage for Consulting Arborists! If you want to learn more about this coverage, click here for a brochure or visit the Towerstone website. You may also contact Brent Wright, the Senior Underwriter & Broker for this program via email or phone: 972.725.2152.